I think I'm just going to post funny shit, pictures of cute boys and make stupid text posts.


Vancon 2014 :: J2 Gold Panel on Flickr.
Jared had way too much fun helping #Jensen tweet for the first time at #SPN #Vancon

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Small Text: Chrome.


You know the smaller font-size you see some people use on the dashboard? You achieve it by going into a post’s HTML and encasing the paragraphs of text with <small>, this works similarly to how bold and italicized text works. Although as you can imagine, manually inserting this into each of your posts, can require quite the effort and determination.

That’s why Stephen Davis decided to help out the community and write up a script that gives you a button which is placed next to the ones that allow you to bold, underline and italicize your text. Unfortunately, this script had reached the point where it’s become out-dated, but being as addicted to this little script as I am, I’m determined to keep it in a working state.

Step by step instructions on how to obtain this script can be found beneath the Read More:

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